Afternoons with Tia Cátia

"In the beginning we tried everything from telenovelas to sports to news. Then one day I found the cooking channel," remembered OMer Michelle. "There was this sweet middle age tia (auntie) making typical Portuguese food. In my new home (that didn’t yet feel like home) I felt a warm feeling of familiarity. As I watched it, and at the time understood maybe one or two words throughout the whole show, I decided that this would be my tool – a cooking show!"

Our failures did not hold us back 

"OM just launched a video called “Our Story” which expresses how we desire to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. One line in particular stood out to me," said OMer Ivy. "'Our failures did not hold us back.' I wrote it down to ponder on, not knowing that God was preparing me to put it into practice."

God uses your differences

“If you go to there, you’ll be the first brown missionary they've ever seen,” warned one missionary to me as I prepared to serve God in South Asia," OMer Ava remembered . "I laughed at those words, not knowing how much they would affect my daily life when I moved to Asia in January 2017."

How NOT to pursue God's promises

"But how can I know what the purpose of my life is? And how do I fulfill it?" wondered OMer Camila. "The Bible teaches us many ways how God’s people succeeded, but the common denominator I see was that His people messed up a lot! The good thing is that we can learn from their mistakes how NOT to pursue God's promises."

The Village

"Each time I visit the two OM ladies there I marvel anew at the strength I see in them – their dedication and desire to make Him known," said OMer Rebecca. "Staying with them and hearing their stories I see how God has sustained them and given them His heart for the people."

Raising African kids in a Central Asian country

"Each day is a challenge for me and my African kids as they grow up in Central Asia," shared OMer Beth. "Some days we hide them behind us and other days we make the decision to encourage our kids to have that photo taken. Each day is an opportunity for me and my family to trust God more and to depend on His love and care for us."

We need each other

"The African saying ‘Ubuntu’ never resonated with me. I knew the definition for years (“I am what I am because of who we all are”), but it wasn’t until recently that I came to realize how much truth the saying holds," admitted OMer Renette. 

Not finished yet

"I want so badly to have all the answers," shared OMer Rebecca. "To be the one who has everything figured out, juggling work, relationships and spiritual development blindfolded while walking across a tightrope 50 meters above shark-infested water (a bit extreme but hey, a girl can dream). But the truth is, I’m a work-in-progress."