Balancing Jesus and bone-writing

"If God were to give me the choice—be a successful writer or a missionary for the rest of my life—I can’t honestly say which I’d choose," shares OMer Andrew. "Neither one would be sinful; discerning God’s will is not asking yourself, 'What does God want me to do?' but rather, 'How can I use what I’m doing to glorify God?'"

Upholding His righteousness

"It had been a big week for us," shared Michelle. "Our older boys had started at the local Portuguese school and the mom in me was taking inventory of all the uncontrollable influences they would be encountering.  

Sighing, I heard Jesus whisper in my ear “be willing to be contaminated, as I was contaminated for you.” I looked around the mess I was walking in and began to picture the moment Jesus stood from His throne in heaven and walked out in order to take on the flesh of man. That in itself was a deep contamination for His Majesty. And yet, He did it, joyfully and willingly.  

Counted worthy to suffer

"Sometimes, we missionaries suffer in silence from a range of personal, work and spiritual issues," shares OMer Simon. "In those times, we cannot see Christ at work and simply want the emotional pain to subside. The weight of the conflict that rages inside us threatens to crush the ministry, our families and even our faith itself. We yearn for someone to talk to, someone who will actually listen and not just jump to a default response - “pray harder” or “pain and suffering is for your benefit.” 

Dreaming again

For over two years Chile had been Jessie’s focus; fundraising, making preparations and then diving into life in a new country. Focused on learning a new culture and making friends, it was nearly a year before Jessie realized she hadn’t given herself space, or time, to dream beyond her two year commitment in Chile.

Reverse cultural shock

I think sometimes we are afraid of what it could mean to give up everything and follow Christ. We try to explain it by saying “Jesus meant ... when he said that!” and start shaping our lives and Jesus into a version we are more comfortable with. A Jesus who wants us to live a balanced life, nothing too extreme (He would never ask us to leave our closest people behind!), and wants us to be comfortable and have an abundance of everything. 

I could choose to live my life as I once did  enjoying church on Sundays and seeking success based on what other people say: a family, a house, a car and a nice job. Or I could take an honest look at Jesus in the Bible and be willing to face the consequences of what might happen if I really believe and obey Him.


Heart of worship

"Maybe I needed to be set apart that first evening, though, so that I could perceive my prejudices and learn to tune my heart, again, to worship the God who is bigger—much bigger—than my comfort zone."

OMer Nicole shares what she learnt about worship, and herself, during a church youth event in North Africa. 

Of Generations and Experience

Working in the OM office in Switzerland, OMer Anja discovered how to work in a setting with different generations. Gradually she learnt that experience and having lived through history is a great accessory to wear in life. It gives you a lot of value to your opinions in discussions. It gives you a reputation. It gives you trust. It gives you maturity. And all of that gives you a voice that you did not have before. 

My little hero

Are we doing the right thing? What can I do? Why do people humiliate each other in such a way? If only I had a chance to change the system, if only there could be some encouragement. Why, God, why?

Through a situation with her son Loïs leant that to hand over the problem to God and trust Him with the future.