Operation Mobilisation works in over 110 countries, motivating and equipping people to share God’s love with people all over the world.

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Missions: the best job in the world

Ice cream taster for Ben & Jerry's? Test driver for Ferrari? Pop star? Fireman?

I've got one to top them all: Short-term Missions Coordinator with OM France!

I've got the car. (Look at those aerodynamic lines.)


But that's not all! My boss is amazing - I get to work for the all-powerful Creator of the Universe every day, and then there are the fringe benefits of eternal life, joy on Earth, and grace when I make mistakes.

One of the bits I like best is when all of the organisation comes together. A church motivated to do evangelism requests a team, a team motivated to serve God through evangelism comes to help, and then the fireworks begin.

An element of my job involves strategy, but what is so cool is to witness the Master Strategist at work - how God brings together the perfect team with the perfect blend of skills, gifts, and experiences from all across the globe to achieve His purposes for that time and place. These are the individuals who have made themselves available for God and get to be part of His eternal plan.

And then, just when we think we're "doing our bit to help God out" (as if He needed it), He spins things around and works in our lives, transforming, challenging, and shaping us to be more like Him.

It never ceases to amaze me how after a day of outreach, when the team gets together to talk about our good and bad experiences, one or more will share about how God has spoken to them in a life-changing way.

During the first few days of a recent outreach, I was speaking with one of the team about her life plans, and she confidently outlined what the next 5 to 10 years would hold. It was in the minibus on the trip back to the OM base after only six days away that the young woman, named Annabel, explained that she'd realised that this was her plan, and that she needed to abandon that plan to be open to where God was leading her.

Annabel will now tell you if you ask that she doesn't know what comes next but that she's now praying for God's plan to become clear so He can use her in the way He has planned. I cannot wait to see what He has lined up for her!

How special that I get to work for our God, even though He doesn't need me, and that, in return, I get blessed by fulfilling God's purpose for me on Earth, as well as witness His power changing lives.

The best job in the world - I've got mine.

What about you?

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"Why am I doing this?"