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12 reasons missionaries (in the Balkans) are more hipster than hipsters

[hip - ster] : "someone who is very influenced by the most recent ideas and fashions"
Cambridge Dictionaries Online

The term "hipster" typically refers to people (mostly of the "millennial" generation) interested in current trends but who don't want to appear interested in them. They are sometimes characterized by the indie music they listen to, vintage and secondhand clothes they wear, and organic food they eat. A type of subculture, hipsters are usually described as modern Bohemians.

12 Reasons Why Missionaries are More "Hipster" than Hipsters

1. We love energy-efficient transportation: car-pooling, public transport, and best of all - walking.

2. Line-drying our laundry - keeping our homes eco-friendly.

3. Who needs soap? Ashes are a natural cleaning agent and free!

4. Second-hand clothes are our friends. Our vintage style comes straight from the charity bins of Europe.

5. We like the natural look - regular showering is optional (sometimes impossible, due to water shortages).

6. We love artsy, romantic, candlelit dinners - saving the environment one power outage at a time.

7. We recycle - feed it to the fire instead of throwing it away! Leftover pizza boxes go into the fire. Plastic wrappers go into the fire. Milk cartons go into the fire...

8. Our diets are full of natural, organic, home-grown fruits, vegetables, and honey provided by our friends.

9. The free-range chickens that run around our host family's yard end up on our plates at dinner time.

10. And all dairy products come straight from the family cow...or sheep.

11. Cooking from scratch - baking a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin and using an axe to break it open.

12. Communal living - everybody shares everything, all the time. Communal plate, communal cup, communal bed, communal towel. Jesus told us to share!


Meredith grew up as an MK in Scotland and Germany before moving to her parents’ native USA for university. She currently serves with OM in the Balkans. She loves writing poetry, hiking mountains, and laughing.  

Rebekah is an MK who grew up in Ecuador and the U.S. Mountains, books, photography, and running are a few of her favorite things. Her dream car is a VW hippie van. She serves with OM in the Balkans and is enjoying the adventure of life!

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