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Trusting God's plan in the UK

Trusting God's plan in the UK

Sometimes I walk through the streets and I wonder what God is thinking. I wonder what His plan for the people is. Most desperately, I want to know how He wants me to be a part of His great plan.

I look at the run-down houses, the veiled women, and our team sitting right in the middle of the community, and I ask God, "How are You at work? How do You want us to be a part of turning this patch of earth on its head? What can I do here and now?"

And I am a little perplexed.

But often, God only shows me a couple of pixels of His great panorama, and it makes me stumble into moments that are beyond my expectation.

On a rainy and discouraging door-to-door outreach I arrive on *Minhaj's doorstep, a 50-year-old Muslim. He invites us into his home, serves us tea, and for two hours, talks with us about our faith. He gives us his phone number and asks us to come back again.

And *Shafqat.

I'd lost touch with him, and after three weeks, I'm at the bus stop where I met him, and I remember and pray for him. I hope to meet him again, but no Shafqat.

I get on the bus and tell God, "You have to come up with some creative thing I've not yet thought about." Two minutes later, I receive a Facebook message from him. Shafqat has changed his phone number, but he still wants to meet with me! Now we are doing weekly Bible studies.

I've met *Luay, a medical student from the area who desperately needs a friend. We hang out in a pub. I invite him to a concert at our church, and he gives his life to Jesus. Suddenly, I have the privilege of discipling him.

I have to admit I am regularly frustrated, disappointed, or angry because of my hopes and expectations, but God leads me to His paths and humbles me. In all my doubts, my struggles and weakness of faith, I take the steps which I believe are right, and God corrects them to what is the best for me.

I've learned that we shouldn't wait for God to reveal His big life plan and His will to us, but simply serve Him willingly and faithfully in all of our actions. Once our ship sets sail, God will correct the course as it suits Him, and the way it goes is the best for our lives. We will only understand when we look back, after it has already happened. When we are faithful in small things, He will use us for great (Matthew 25:14-30).

*Names have been changed for security.

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