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You know you're single on the mission field when...

Being a part of missions and moving to the other side of the world (or even to the next town over) can be difficult no matter what, but there are some issues unique to the single experience.

We singles love our team members who are married with kids, but sometimes, we’d just like to pretend no one knew our relationship status.

You know you're single on the mission field when...

1. When "Why aren't you married?" turns to "It's so sad you're not married" to "I know someone you could marry!"

2. When you hear, "Don't your parents love you? Why haven't they found you a husband/wife?" from locals.

3. When your married teammates keep referring you to Christian dating websites.

4. When you get assigned accommodation with a random person you've never met in your life.

5. When you become a cheap free babysitter for married teammates' kids.

6. When there's all this cooking equipment provided in your kitchen that you have either no idea how to use or no use for.

7. When it still feels like you're the only non-married person on the face of the earth, even when travelling all over the world.

8. When married team members think you have lots of opportunities to do exciting things and all the time to do them, but in reality, you have nothing to do and no one to do it with.

9. When every new guy/girl joining your team automatically becomes future spouse material.

10. When you can pack up and go wherever God calls you without having to negotiate with a spouse or kids.

*Thanks to the OM singles who helped me compile this list!

** This list was meant to be humorous and was written in fun. We love you, married teammates!

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