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One morning in Asia

One morning in Asia

Written by Mallory

A warm breeze hums through the window, the curtains flowing above your bed. The chickens’ crows wake you before the buzz of the alarm. In the early morning sun, you listen to the spoons scraping against the pans and plates next door.

Walking through the house, you savor each barefooted step onto the cool tiles before the heat rises.

As the first one awake, you unlock the heavy door, hoping its rumble doesn’t wake the others. The garden is yours for the moment. As you set down your mug of coffee, flipping through the pages of your journal, the creases of words--of prayers--rub against your fingers like ink. The wind pushes your Bible open, rustling through the chapters.


The cast iron gate trembles, and the coconut dizzily rolls back to the tree from which it fell.

Peering through the gate, your heart drops as you watch five young, barefooted monks robed in rust and armed with silver bowls.

Your neighbour rushes to the street and bows down to these boys and lifts up a bowl of rice. The monks accept the offering and walk on, gazing back at you through the shivering iron bars.

This is Asia.

I’ll be sitting on my porch, writing and praying and reflecting, “Lord, how did I get here? Why have you brought me here? What can one girl do?”

Palm trees in every view, parents holding babies in their arms as they drive by on motorbikes, the smell of crickets frying over an open fire—many things have become normal for me in the last year and half here in the northeast of Thailand.

This is a place where less than one per cent of the people follow Jesus. Buddhism and spirit worship are everywhere. While I often need to remind myself not to get used to the images of food and flowers offered to the spirits, my heart still rushes when I see people worship these unknown gods. 

I’m often reminded of John 1:5: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

So even in those moments when it seems like there is nothing I can say or do, I know God’s light still shines and even the smallest prayer has power.


For years, Mallory dreamed of becoming an investigative journalist, famous for uncovering nasty, hidden truths from around the world. But since graduating from university, God has transformed her dreams to instead make known his truth to the world. Originally from small town, northern America, Mallory is currently serving in Thailand with the Asia Challenge Teams. 

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