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God is our mechanic

It is already a while ago that our three boys started to ask for a Wii game console. It was a good opportunity for them to learn to save money and think well before they actually buy something. They were coming close to their goal, almost enough for asecond-hand Wii, but who do you buy a second-hand Wii from?

Of course, we wanted to be sure we could trust it was a good one. We wrote to our supporters back home, asking if someone wanted to sell theirs to our boys, and someone responded!

All three of the boys contributed money to purchase the Wii and, for Levi (the middle one, 10 years old), it meant all his savings. The boys were really excited for my parents to visit, as they would bring the game console with them. 

It was a joy to see their happy faces when my parents arrived. Long months of saving money, and there it was—their own Wii, including some games.

Of course, we had to try it immediately. They only enjoyed the first game for a few minutes, because they wanted to try another one. They kept changing the game to try them all out. The fun continued the next day, as well, even though there were lots of other things waiting in the suitcase that Granny and Granddad brought.

The disappointment was great when, the next day, the Wii was not working at all. Daddy, the handyman who can fix everything, gave it a try, but nothing really helped. We prayed, we tried to fix it. We contacted the people we bought it from, but they never had any problem. We contacted the repair centre, but they didn’t give us much hope. Maybe it needed to be cleaned by them, or inner parts needed to be replaced, which would cost more than the boys bought it for.

The boys were really disappointed, especially the middle one, who cried a lot. He was sad and angry that he’d given all his money for something that wasn’t working. We assured him that he couldn’t have known that before, that these things can happen in life and he couldn’t blame himself.

More than two weeks later, I got the idea to pray over the Wii as we do when we pray for God’s healing for people. We all got together, and all of us asked God to repair the Wii while we put our hands on it. Of course, we tried it again immediately but, unfortunately, it didn’t work. I was disappointed and asked God why He did not show our boys that He is almighty. 

One day later, Ruben put in one of the DVDs, just to check again.

“It is working, it is working,” he shouted through the house.

The other boys ran to see, while I thought he was only joking. But it was true—it worked!  

We have seen God providing in many ways. This is such a good reminder for us, that nothing is too simple for Him. And what a great example for the boys, that their Father in heaven is not distant but really involved in their daily lives. He really is our Jehovah Jireh: The Lord who provides. 

The next day, the boys phoned Granny and, before they could tell the story, she told them what had happened to her the day before: She was at the second hand-shop of the church where she works and told her colleague about our Wii.

“You can take ours for free, for your grandsons, as the children never use it anymore!” the woman replied.

The boys were so excited about how God is not only a doctor but also a mechanic. And, even more, He did not only repair the one; He gave them an extra one on the same day. The boys are still enjoying their Wii and wait for their grandparents to bring the second one. Let’s see what God wants us to do with that one.

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