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Photo tour of OM Greece

Photo tour of OM Greece

OM photographer and video producer Katie took a visit to OM Greece in Athens, where she got to experience some of the local culture, see famous sights, and take part in the ministry the team is doing there. She was kind enough to share some of her photos with us:

The Temple of Zeus...or what's left of it.

The view of the Acropolis from Mars Hill (Aeropagus). Mars Hill is mentioned in Acts 17, when Paul gave his sermon to the Athenians about the "Unknown God."

At about 10 o'clock each night, the people of Athens start coming out, filling the plazas and cafes for the evening meal.

Many illegal immigrants and refugees live secretly in abandoned tenement buildings like this one. Since Greece is the "Gateway to Europe," when immigrants fleeing the Arab Spring come to Europe and are caught, they are deported back to Greece, straining an already-bankrupt economy.

One of the political parties in Greece, a Neo-Nazi group, is rising in popularity because of their opposition to the immigrant/refugee population and their Greek-only feeding programme. Pray for the Greek Christians to be able to counter this message with love and justice.

In partnership with OM, an evangelical Greek church runs a feeding programme, reaching out to their community, which has a high number of poor and immigrant families. Previously middle-class people have also been greatly affected by the economic crisis. Employment is listed at around 27%, and those who do have jobs usually make enough to pay the rent or buy food, but not both.


Local fishermen's boats on Aegina Island.


Fresh octopus at the local market. Erm...yummy? :)

To learn more about OM Greece and the work they're doing, visit our website.

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