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A prayer meeting in Laos

A prayer meeting in Laos

Written by Derek

OMer Derek shares his experience organising a prayer meeting in Laos, a Communist country that's opposed to the Gospel, and how God came through for them in a wonderful way.

When I arrived on the motorbike, my first reaction was worry.

We had just finished the basic outfitting of our shop, a team mate from South America had built all the furniture, and others had painted the walls. 

I parked my motorbike and looked in through the front window; our shop has big glass windows like a Western store. It was evening, and the lights were turned on inside. It looked glossy and beautiful. Behind me was a busy road.

What worried me was that we were about to host a prayer meeting, and you could see everything that was going on inside, including the song lyrics projected unto the wall.

This was the first time we'd hosted a prayer meeting like this. We had invited friends. We knew all of them through some personal connection and that they were Believers. One team member invited the pastor of the church she goes to, and another invited the guys who had, just days before, put in the air conditioning. Many of our local partners, who are working hard to reach their nation, came.

But I pushed away my worries and laid the evening into Jesus’ hands. If we got into trouble, so be it. Laos is a country opposed to the Gospel and Christ. Hosting a prayer meeting could mean we have to shut down our business. We need wisdom to operate OM in Laos.

But “You did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons,” says Romans 8:15. 

The idea was to invite people we knew to the dedication of our new building. We wanted to use the event to pray together and get people together, who otherwise do not get the chance to see each other often. This was all done in the hope of eventually hosting a prayer evening like this regularly.

The prayer meeting is something OM is known for. It can be a tool to unite Believers and broaden their understandings of the global task the Lord has given us while motivating them to get involved at home and abroad.

We started with a small group of people, worshipping Jesus.

We prayed for the building that we'd just moved into, that God may use it for His purposes.

We prayed for each other, for our ministries and personal requests.

We sang songs in English and Lao.

We prayed for the government and those living in spiritual darkness and poverty.

As the evening progressed, more and more people came. I counted over 35! 

There we were, everyone could see us worshipping Jesus, united in prayer. Locals, Europeans, Americans, and Asians all praising Jesus as one. Everyone I talked to later felt that the Lord was doing something special that evening.

A few days later, our team evaluated the event. We already know we want to do it again.

God is good.

Derek, a missionary kid who grew up in Africa, first experienced South East Asia with OM’s Asia Challenge Teams in 2002. Sensing God’s call back to the region, he has since pioneered the ministry of OM Laos. As Laos is a Communist country hostile to missionary work, Derek is in the process of starting up his third entrepreneurial business venture there. He is 37 years old, married, and a father of four.

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