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Stories in Kyrgyzstan

Stories in Kyrgyzstan

Written by Katie B.

From my first step onto Kyrgyz soil, two things struck me:

An inundation of stories filling my ears.

Stories of pain and anguish,
Of drunk drivers leaving children as orphans,
Of bribery, wives tales, horrifying accidents,
And a husband deserting his wife and children.

Stories of hope,
Of a prodigal son, 
Of young believers stepping out as leaders, 
And a broken woman finding Redemption.

My heart rides a roller coaster in this foreign land, where, a few short days ago, I didn’t know a soul. And now, my heart hurts, it aches to hear these stories, to know these people and to know their pain.

Then, to hear the story of the one lost sheep - and she’s been found! And I’m drinking tea with her, playing with her children and witnessing the very deepest of pains she has experienced, and the very greatest of triumphs she has lived - and I’m rejoicing! My heart sings along with hers. 

These stories change me.
Change the way I think,
Change my understanding of people.


Secondly, what struck me was:
A new concept of God.

I entered this foreign place and its mysterious culture, unfamiliar customs, and people who seemed so very different from myself, and I was struck with a new concept of God:

God is not limited to my culture.

Suddenly, there was so much to discover about God, because these people, though so different from myself, are also a reflection of Him, made in His image. 

How beautiful a thing to see God in a new way, creative and unlimited, through these people.

And, how very much those souls so desperately need His saving grace.



Katie B. spent a year in the Middle East doing photography and is currently living in the UK working with OM. She loves people and the interactions that street photography allows her to have with them, as well as the many opportunities it gives her to share Jesus.

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