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A global team with a global goal

A global team with a global goal

Written by Andrew

In January, Brazil and Germany met in a heated football match in a small German town. So did Australia, Spain, France, Canada, the United States, Paraguay, Aruba, and the Faroe Islands. But this wasn’t the World Cup. It was just a handful of attendees at the Global Orientaion (GO) conference who decided to play a quick match between sessions.

GO is OM's two-week training conference that new full-time volunteers attend. One is held in the Netherlands every August and one in Germany each January.

At 2015's first GO, there was a large practice field just across the stream from the hostel most of the attendees were staying at, and when someone asked if I’d like to join in a casual match before supper, I figured it would be a good chance to get my blood flowing after a day of nothing but sitting in an auditorium. The jerseys came out, the teams were picked, and soon, turf was flying and steam rising into the frosty January air. 

My team had members from seven different countries. It had men and women from two continents with at least four native languages. Yet, in the space of two minutes, none of that mattered. We were a team, fighting together to score a goal and having fun doing it. 

The match only lasted about half an hour before the local football club kicked us off the field to start their drills. For me, though, the game was a metaphor for what was most encouraging about the ten days I spent at the GO conference. 

That is, realizing I’m a part of a movement of people from the most different places, backgrounds, denominations, and life experiences probably ever to converge on a small town in Germany. Yet, in the space of a couple days, none of it mattered––and I realized, it never did matter.

We are brothers and sisters in one Body, working side-by-side toward the greatest goal of all: to see God's Kingdom expand on Earth.

It just took half an hour of fending off attacks from a Brazilian striker for that point to sink in. 

As an OM MENA communications intern, Andrew loves going places where he can see the world from a different perspective – even if it's a difficult place – and telling the stories of people who've found ways of living out God's love in a broken world. If you spend a lot of time in coffee shops, then there's a good chance you'll meet Andrew someday.

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