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What do doors have to do with missions?

What do doors have to do with missions?

I've always been fascinated by doors. To me, they're more than just the physical entrance to a location; they're the representation of a choice - the choice to enter or to remain outside, to commit to something new or not.

Jesus was also interested in doors. In John 10:9, He says, "I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture." (ESV)

We know this verse. It's familiar. We've heard from the pulpit many times that Jesus is the Door that we must walk through to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. I know this. But serving in missions has really taught - and confirmed - to me something about this special Door: we as Christians can't force anyone through it.

Near East

Many times, I've been frustrated, because people didn't respond when I've shared the Gospel. I didn't understand how they could turn down God's amazing offer. I worried that maybe I'd done something wrong - maybe I totally failed in the delivery. But in my insecurity and doubt, the Lord confirmed something to me that I'd known psychologically but hadn't truly accepted on a heart level.

Our job as the Body of Christ is to stand at the open door and invite others inside. We can point to the door. We can tell people how wonderful it is inside. But it's their choice to enter, and it's the Holy Spirit who convicts their hearts - not us.

In Christian circles, we often pray for "open doors" to share the Gospel. And while the sentiment is correct, I feel like the metaphor is perhaps inaccurate. The door is already open. The Father opened it when His son died and rose again, and now, it's our role to tell people that it's open, that it - and Jesus - are waiting.

And just as doors all over the world look different, so we present the Open Door to people in different ways. But it always leads to the same place, and the Door is always the same. The Door is always Jesus.

Israel, photo credit to Inga

I've compiled a number of photos of doors from around the world. As you scroll through them, why not pray for these nations and regions? Pray that Christians will stand at the Open Door in these countries and invite others in.

Pray also that people who've never seen the Door or who have never considered walking through It will have their eyes opened to the abundant life on the other side - and that they will accept Jesus as the only Door for them to walk through to find peace with the Father.

And if you're as interested in doors as I am, make sure to follow our OM International Pinterest page devoted to doors from all around the world.

North Africa, photo credit to Megan


Malaysia, photo credit to Beth

North Africa, photo credit to Kathryn

Spain, photo credit to Julia

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