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Marrakesh food tour

Marrakesh food tour

Written by Andrew, video by OM MENA video team

For being the longest video we've produced this year, "Marrakesh Food Tour" was probably one of our least planned. We'd all had a really long and, honestly, somewhat frustrating day and were exhausted and not in the greatest mood.

We'd decided earlier, though, that we'd go back to Jemaa el-Fnaa, the main square, and film something about the food that was being served there. So with just one camera and almost no plan, we headed through the winding streets of the Souk to film "something."

There are a lot of things that can be confusing, and at times, maddening, about the more heavily toured parts of Morocco that we visited during our two-week stay there, but there is also a certain excitement about them. Maybe something even bordering on magical at certain times. During the hour or so that we spent trying colorful foods and interacting with colorful people in the square that night, I think we got caught up in a little bit of that excitement.

Compared to the content of most of the videos we with OM MENA produce, I think it seemed a little silly at the time for us to end up putting so much effort into a video about food.

Reflecting back on it now, though, the food that people eat, the way it's served, and the excitement it generates are all important parts of a culture.

As people who need to engage with culture on a deeper level than most, taking a few minutes to think about the food people eat and what it means to them and says about them may be one of the more appropriate things we can do.

...it was also a lot of fun. We hope you have at least a little fun watching it!


OM MENA communications intern Andrew loves going places where he can see the world from a different perspective and telling the stories of people who've found ways of living out God's love in a broken world.

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