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4 ways to help Syrian refugees

Are you interested in helping refugees but aren't sure how? When a crisis is so big, it can feel overwhelming, like there's nothing we can actually do. Yet while you may not be a politician or director of a non-profit organisation - or even be living anywhere that you can volunteer - you can still make a difference.

Here's a list of four practical way you can aid refugees in need:

1. Pray

Photo credit to Katie B.

It can sometimes seem trite, but prayer really is powerful. God can use our lifting up our Syrian brothers and sisters in Christ to bring them a spiritual encouragement. We can also pray for peace in the area, as well as salvation for those who haven't yet met Christ.

To find specific prayer requests, you can visit the Pray for Refugees website, a World Vision site that OM has partnered with to bring the most recent prayer requests to you, so that you'll know exactly what to pray.

Prayer should never be underestimated!

2. Give

Photo credit to Selina

Many international organisations are serving refugees, including OM. But the only way that these organisations have the funds to bring food, clothes, and more to families and children fleeing the violence behind them is for individuals like you to give.

Want to know more about the OM projects you can give to? Visit our giving page.

3. Volunteer to greet coming refugees

Photo credit to Katie B.

Many people don't live near a place that refugees are flooding in, but if you do, you can bring practical help by joining a team that distributes food and other aid. OM also has short-term opportunities for you to join us in sharing relief. Can't find one of our trips that will work for you? Other groups have more.

Sometimes, a smile and a warm blanket can be acting as Jesus' hands and feet.

4. Volunteer to help settle refugees in their new homes

Photo credit to Jacob

Many refugees are struggling to settle in new countries. They have to learn a second language, the culture of their new country, and how to get around and do basic tasks that locals take for granted. Many organisations, like World Relief, help refugees during this process of resettlement and, partnering with churches and individual volunteers, help refugees feel at home again.

You can volunteer to help in a number of ways, from language tutoring to taking refugees to doctor appointments. This is an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel in a practical, active way.

We all can help the refugee crisis situation. Whether you PRAY, GIVE, GO - or all three - be the salt of the earth.

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Missionaries selling something already in abundance

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