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Melodies of hope

Melodies of hope

Photo by Julie

I was recently travelling with a team from Logos Hope to talk in churches about the Ship ministry and their experiences. The team of four, each from a different country, did an incredible job finding creative ways to give each presentation an individual tone and personalize it. Some stories are good stories to tell, so I heard them several times within a rather short period of time and got to know them well. 

On one evening, we were leading a prayer meeting in a small room next to the main church sanctuary. We had some time before we started and the two female team members were given a tour of the church facilities. When they were done, one of them sat down at the grand piano in the sanctuary and started playing a beautiful melody that could be heard through the corridors and rooms. I was drawn by the melody, so I walked down the hall to the front of the church and joined her at the piano. As she was playing, I asked her what that melody was. She answered “This melody was given to me at the most difficult time of my life.” As she played on and started a new song, she continued “And this one I wrote during my time in Haiti.”

She had talked about Haiti several times during presentations saying “When we were in the country of Haiti, a country that has been completely destroyed by an earthquake several years ago, I felt absolutely hopeless. As I was looking around the country, there were heavy clouds hovering over the place, and the houses that I saw were huts made of scrap metal parts and cloths. I saw the devastation of the country that is still visible now all these years later. As I took in the surroundings, I said to God: ‘God, there is no hope for this country! If I feel so hopeless and useless, then how much more so must these people feel.’ 

“A few days later, one of the ladies that helped prepare the visit of the ship in this port was talking to my team before we started our work in the book fair. She said: ‘Logos Hope is the beginning of hope in this country’. I felt like God was speaking directly to me.”

Her story didn’t end there. She usually went on to say how the husband of that lady placed his faith in Christ towards the end of the ship’s visit in that port, partly because of the many conversations he had with different crew members on board. 

It’s a story of how God brought hope into her life when she felt hopeless. The melody she was playing reminded her of that and reminded her of God’s faithfulness in a most difficult time. It reminded her of a time when she needed encouragement and He gave her that song.

As I stood there and took in the beauty of the melody, the moment and the humanity and saw the emotion in her eyes as she was telling that exact same story half-an-hour later to an audience she didn’t know, I started wondering what my songs are. What are the melodies that remind me of God’s faithfulness in times of hopelessness? Melodies in the form of songs, Bible verses or people that spoke truth into my life. How did God encourage me in moments of despair? 

I want to remember these melodies. I want to store them away in my heart and I want them to play when I need them most. I want bagpipes, trumpets, violins and a whole orchestra (okay, maybe leave out the bagpipes) to automatically start playing all these melodies that remind me of God’s faithfulness in times of need and that bring me back to Him when I seem to lose myself. 

And now I wonder, what are your melodies?

A season under the sun

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