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Why am I here?

Why am I here?

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Sometimes it’s good to remember why. Why are we here? Why am I here? Why did we come, what did we really hope to achieve in this country?  Why do we live hundreds and thousands of miles from our families and friends, in a country where the customer is never right and generally an inconvenience, where to call someone a missionary is a negative term, where there is an exhausting six-day work week, and where there is no holiday for Christmas?

Sometimes we fixate on these more negative aspects of life in Israel and forget that 2 Chronicles 6:32-33 (ISV) speaks of the foreigner living in this land, “Concerning the foreigner who is not from Your people Israel…”

We can forget that the God of heaven and earth called us for His great name’s sake and that He promises to hear from heaven and to do according to all for which the foreigner asks in order that all the peoples of the earth may know His name…. and that is a wonderful promise that we can hold on to, and it is truth.

However, as I rethink those verses, I can also feel a little bubble of pride creeping in, of how valuable I am, and privileged that I can call on Him and He will do whatever I ask. But these verses are not about me. Rather, they are about God and glorifying His great name, which is why we came. We’re here just because He called us, and we believed we needed to be obedient to that call. That obedience, as we learn daily, has to be unconditional. He didn’t say, “go and serve Me in Israel and you’ll see great fruit.” Nor did He say, “go and serve Me in Israel and you’ll be very useful, you’ll have many spiritual highs, make a lot of friends, save the lost, disciple the wandering and even get a tan.” He says, “go to Israel for My great name’s sake,” and who knows what that will look like?

It may even be that a change in you will be what gives Him glory, and none of the great ministry plans that you had dreamed up will come to fruition. It’s all about trusting God with your life and not putting conditions on Him. After all, He knows us best and what is best for us.

Some people don’t stay on the field. From my perspective, often that is because they had put conditions on God, they had their own expectations as to how they should be used or changed by God, and when the reality was different or even painful . . . well, they chose to leave rather than trusting Him in the process and humbly resubmitting their plans into His hands.

Please pray for new team members who are expectant for the Lord to work in and through them however He may choose for His Glory.  Please seek the Lord and see if He is calling you to join us in Israel. 

Esther has been in Israel for 13 years and has served in various ministry roles. Her passions are mentoring, discipleship, teaching and translating from Hebrew to English for fun!  However, currently she is spending most of her time being a mother to two young children and negotiating the multi-cultural challenges of having one child in the Hebrew system and one child in the Arabic system!

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