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Uniquely, beautifully, complex

Uniquely, beautifully, complex

Photo by Rebecca

I am a surfer who loves the Lord Jesus and as a child dedicated my life to living among the persecuted Church. I devoted many years to studying the Bible and learning, by experience, how to love people with God's love. Three years ago my husband, four children and I moved to Portugal to surf among the surfers.

Just the other day I was sitting by the beach and observing all the surfers. There were young surfers, old surfers, male surfers and female surfers. First timers and pro’s, tourists and locals. After a few minutes of taking inventory I began praising the Lord for taking something so simple as surfing among the surfers and making it so uniquely, beautifully, complex.  

I say it like that because surfing is an “extreme” sport. It’s extremely fun, it can be seen as a recreational outlet and can be something to do in community. Surfing is simply fun but when you add evangelism to your surfing ventures it becomes uniquely, beautifully, complex! It becomes about the person in the wet suit. What does he or she think about the life they walk through? It becomes not only about catching the next wave but about catching a glimpse into who this person is that shares the same passion as you.  

Surfing became this way to me because it became a church. A body of believers. Surf Church. 

Now Surf Church is a community that is known through almost all the beaches of Portugal. We have worship ministry, children’s ministry, food ministry, weekly Bible studies, women’s nights, creative nights and boys night. God took this simply fun thing and in, and for, His glory made it uniquely, beautifully, complex.  

 Photo by Michelle

Photo by Michelle

Sara (pictured right) has been a part of Surf Church since the first time she stepped foot in our home. She heard a gospel that she could never turn away from or live without. She is one of our most committed followers and spends every chance she gets to grow deeper and deeper into the love of the Father. I asked Sara a few questions about surfing and this is what she had to say:

Q: Why do you surf?

Sara: “I had always wanted to try (surfing). When I moved to Porto I had the opportunity to try it through Surf Church. It was all I imagined it to be!”

Q: How has surfing impacted your life?

Sara: “Surfing was my turning point in life. It’s such a liberating sport–much like God’s love–and it pushes me to improve. Entering that surf culture also changed a big part of my life in making me a more relaxed person. Through surfing I discovered how to turn to God when everything is suffocating me.”

Q: What has God done in your life through surfing?

Sara: “Surfing is the way I came to know God for one. And the other is like it; through surfing, and since becoming a part of Surf Church, there have been endless opportunities to share God here in Portugal and in many other countries. Surfing is also one way I express worship to My God, saviour and creator of this world.” 

What simple things has the Lord used in your life to reach people and make them uniquely, beautifully, complex?

What I know now

What I know now

Cultural lenses

Cultural lenses