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5 things God taught me in missions

I had been on six short-term trips, and when I finally became a “real worker,” I thought I was ready to serve. Since then, however, God has used a variety of experiences and people around me to teach me some important lessons.

One morning in Asia

A warm breeze hums through the window, the curtains flowing above your bed. The chickens’ crows wake you before the buzz of the alarm. In the early morning sun, you listen to the spoons scraping against the pans and plates next door. Walking through the house, you savor each barefooted step onto the cool tiles before the heat rises.

American food brings people together in Southeast Asia

More often that not, when you meet a Thai person, the first thing they will ask you is, “Have you eaten?” They love to share their culture and food with those of us on the team and are always impressed to see foreigners eating their traditional foods with ease (or great hesitation). As much as I love Thai food and sampling the favourites of my local friends, nothing compares to the way their faces light up when I offer to cook my favourites from home for them.