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Turning over the table

“I knew before I came to Africa that I would face the issue of poverty cycles, but I didn’t know there would be poverty cycles in ministries as well. I was so emotional about my friend’s situation that I wanted to do something. In Chinese, we call this feeling ‘turning over the table.' Chinese are usually reserved people so turning over the table means that someone could not hold back the emotion any more,” explains Ivy. “They have to do something to express what they are feeling.”

What it takes to be a missionary

To be honest, the term missionary always TERRIFIED me. To me, being a missionary was synonymous with being perfect. And because missionaries were perfect, I thought I could never be one. Then God called me to join OM and move to Africa. Did that mean I was a missionary?

Be all there

After the glamour and glitz of moving wears off and the hype and excitement of living in a new country dies down, the realization of the magnitude of what just happened hits like a ton of bricks. In order to move forward, you have to acknowledge things are different than they once were. Life is different now, and you have to adjust accordingly. But that's hard.

On the road in South Sudan

While it’s a place full of so much need and so much uncertainty, there are some truly great people who live there. No matter what happens, they will be there, continuing to help people toward the peace that they so desperately need. That’s one certain thing in a place where almost nothing else is certain. 

It finally happened. After living in Africa for nearly two years I, Rebecca, am sick of the sun. Sitting in the sunshine, I've complied a list of things this Canadian girl misses about that wonderful, incredible, often-dreamt-of, wistfully-thought-of season: winter.

When prayer is our only way to respond

OMer Rebecca shares about a situation in Zambia that made her uncomfortable, and then made her think. What can we do when the horrible situation in front of us seems impossible to change, and how can we have compassion for all of God's children?

Being home but not really being home

Many missionaries feel a tension when they return home for a time; they enjoy being in a familiar place with friends and family, but they also see their home in a new, not always positive, way. OMer Beth delves into this tension in her new blog post, about her and her family returning to Africa for a visit, after having served in Central Asia for two years.