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Does God owe us something for our service to Him?

If you are single on the mission field, you suddenly become hyper-aware of the fact that you are unmarried in a sea of unreached males. Any rumour of a Christian, single male in the vicinity could mean the end of your waiting. You’ve left everything – home, family, friends, culture – for the sake of the Gospel. Now, you’re wondering if you’re stuck single forever, or perhaps hoping that God is still preparing someone for you. Reminds me of a story I read once, about a woman named Ruth.

What do doors have to do with missions?

I've always been fascinated by doors. To me, they're more than just the physical entrance to a location; they're the representation of a choice - the choice to enter or to remain outside, to commit to something new or not. Jesus was also interested in doors. In John 10:9, He says, "I am the door."  Serving in missions has really taught - and confirmed - to me something about this special Door: we as Christians can't force anyone through it.

Transforming our minds in missions

We must accept the responsibility to realise our true potential and the power of our dreams. Life’s busyness cannot blind us to this. Christ’s transformation of our way of thinking is meant to inspire and equip us to be selective of the many demands placed on our daily walk in this life and to replace our preexisting notions of value and culture and service—worldviews,  to those that align with His will.