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A woman's worth in Central Asia

Girls in the cities in Central Asia have more opportunities these days to become doctors and politicians and important members of society, but traditionally, in this Central Asian culture, boys are valued more highly than girls. As Christians who come from outside this culture, what is our response?

God's promise for my "third culture kids"

There are days when I feel guilty for taking my kids away from their country and their family to live here in Central Asia. But it’s on these days that I need to remind myself that God loves my kids so much more than I do. He's called us here as a family. God is doing a work in my kids’ lives.

Forward: the only way to go

In a way, I will always be both people. Many different people in many different places. I will never forget that person I used to be, the adventures she had, the blood and sweat and tears and triumphs. But, it does not do to dwell on memories and forget to live.

Be all there

After the glamour and glitz of moving wears off and the hype and excitement of living in a new country dies down, the realization of the magnitude of what just happened hits like a ton of bricks. In order to move forward, you have to acknowledge things are different than they once were. Life is different now, and you have to adjust accordingly. But that's hard.

5 things God taught me in missions

I had been on six short-term trips, and when I finally became a “real worker,” I thought I was ready to serve. Since then, however, God has used a variety of experiences and people around me to teach me some important lessons.

What are we doing here?

Being here on the mission field on the far reaches of the earth, we catch glimpses of the amazing things God is doing. But if we're perfectly honest, most days can be a slog. It’s hard, keep-your-head-down work. There are days that suck our energy and leave us shattered and empty, and we wonder why we're here doing what we're doing in the first place and if we're really making much difference at all.

When you're a foreigner in your own country

Some of the dictionary definitions of a foreigner say that it is “a person not naturalised to the country,” an “alien to the country,” or “a person from outside one’s community.” I have my fair share of experience with that. But sometimes, I have experienced this in my home country, too. And that made me feel even more like a foreigner than I ever did with any other foreign experience I've had before.