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Dear missions, I wish you had told me…

“Dear Missions,

It’s been a while since we first started on this adventure together….It’s been good and I’m thankful for this opportunity, but there are a few things I wish you had told me before I boarded that first plane. So I’m writing you this letter with the hope that the next person to join you will know some of these things beforehand. And that those already with you will know that they are not alone.”

God's promise for my "third culture kids"

There are days when I feel guilty for taking my kids away from their country and their family to live here in Central Asia. But it’s on these days that I need to remind myself that God loves my kids so much more than I do. He's called us here as a family. God is doing a work in my kids’ lives.

5 things God taught me in missions

I had been on six short-term trips, and when I finally became a “real worker,” I thought I was ready to serve. Since then, however, God has used a variety of experiences and people around me to teach me some important lessons.

Learning to be thankful

For yet another year, I will take up the challenge of thanking Him for the things I have, living a life that forgets the could-haves. Maybe this year, thankfulness will settle a bit deeper into my heart, and I will remember for a minute longer each day.

When did it become acceptable in our movement’s culture to preach unity in diversity out of one side of our mouth and mock out of the other side? Are we not called to display Kingdom culture, regardless of our cultural heritage? Whenever I speak to new OM recruits, I tell them, “Never be ashamed of where you come from. You have something unique to contribute. Your cultural heritage is part of your story.”

Does God owe us something for our service to Him?

If you are single on the mission field, you suddenly become hyper-aware of the fact that you are unmarried in a sea of unreached males. Any rumour of a Christian, single male in the vicinity could mean the end of your waiting. You’ve left everything – home, family, friends, culture – for the sake of the Gospel. Now, you’re wondering if you’re stuck single forever, or perhaps hoping that God is still preparing someone for you. Reminds me of a story I read once, about a woman named Ruth.