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I don't feel very 'missionary'

“…I shared that somehow, I needed to write a blog post about the experiences I was having (in East Asia),” says Anja. “Why? Because the life I described to you at the beginning of this post didn’t fit my definition of what the “classic life” of a missionary looks like. Getting noodles delivered to my bed because I was sick while visiting a foreign country seemed to fit my definition a lot better.”

Nine common misconceptions about missionaries

During my years of service with OM, I have come across various opinions and ideas regarding my work, my life, and even my mental state. Some people (mostly non-Christians) don’t hesitate to share their negative feelings towards missions in general. At the same time, there are Christians that put missionaries on a pedestal and declare them to be saints. I believe the truth lies somewhere in between. Here are nine misconceptions I have heard or I shared myself before joining the mission field.