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When art hits you between the eyes

"I believe the take-away from this is the truth that, when we create art, walking in the light of the presence of God, we have no way to control, predict, or even imagine what He will do through our art," shared OMer Chuck. "In fact, this truth applies to everything we say and do, but artistic expression seems to magnify this effect."

Dance Warrior

OM Arts Incarnate dancer Sarah of Taiwan explains, "During the dance, I will use my body to draw the cross to show that I am a dance warrior with Him. I can fight because Jesus fights with me; He fights for me."

Forced into creativity

In missions, we often have to be creative, as well, and have to try to make the best out of limited resources. As money is almost always short, we have to find a way to achieve our goals a different way. We have to be creative.