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Wish it were true

"I read something in my cabin from the seventeenth century French Philosopher, Blaise Pascal, that startled me," said OMer Richard. "He said that there is little point trying to persuade people with Christian belief. Instead, the way to impact people was that, having caught a glimpse of this rich and satisfying life that was being offered, to make people wish that it were true."

Switching on the light

"One of the most well-known and often-quoted passages of Scripture came from the mouth of Jesus in Matthew 28 when He said go into all the world and make disciples." said Andrew. "Its context, in our modern-day usage, is evangelism, with an emphasis on going; and yet, for various reasons, we Christ-followers have a hard time on the go.’"

Changing creations and an unchangeable God

Every talk about God will be different, because those talks are always influenced by the stories people live. I will never get bored of talking about Him, and I will never cease to be amazed at the variety our invariable God put into His creation.

Missionaries selling something already in abundance

I'm one of those men who doesn’t go to the doctor. Unless I'm really sick - I have to be almost dying. But it strikes me that this same attitude is shared by many of those living around us when faced with God and their spiritual needs. They don’t need Him; they aren't sick.

What do doors have to do with missions?

I've always been fascinated by doors. To me, they're more than just the physical entrance to a location; they're the representation of a choice - the choice to enter or to remain outside, to commit to something new or not. Jesus was also interested in doors. In John 10:9, He says, "I am the door."  Serving in missions has really taught - and confirmed - to me something about this special Door: we as Christians can't force anyone through it.