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Before joining missions I never...(Part I)

You can read all the books and listen to all the Podcasts in preparation for joining missions, but there will always be surprises. Experiences you never thought would happen to you (until you’re standing wide-eyed right in the middle of them). Things you never imagined you could live without (until the ‘necessities’ all of a sudden become the ‘luxuries’). Food you never expected to eat (until it’s placed right in front of you and everyone is waiting for you to take a bite).

Continue reading to find out what surprised missionaries around the world!

Buying the knife

"I suppose that’s what I wanted to grasp onto—why I was so quick to buy the knife," shared OMer Andrew. "When I return to America this month, I’m not just taking a bunch of disconnected experiences in a vacuum. I’m taking a completely different outlook on life."

Of Generations and Experience

Working in the OM office in Switzerland, OMer Anja discovered how to work in a setting with different generations. Gradually she learnt that experience and having lived through history is a great accessory to wear in life. It gives you a lot of value to your opinions in discussions. It gives you a reputation. It gives you trust. It gives you maturity. And all of that gives you a voice that you did not have before.