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Missionaries selling something already in abundance

I'm one of those men who doesn’t go to the doctor. Unless I'm really sick - I have to be almost dying. But it strikes me that this same attitude is shared by many of those living around us when faced with God and their spiritual needs. They don’t need Him; they aren't sick.

God brings encouragement in the City of Lights

I've been feeling a little frustrated as a “missionary” in recent months, because I don't have many friends that aren't Christians, as I work in our OM France office in Paris. But we've been trying to think of ways to overcome this issue and be light and salt to our few contacts. Little did I know God had His own plans.

We are surrounded by models of “great” individuals who made a difference on society; Isaac Watts, the Wright brothers, Einstein, John Newton, Martin Luther King Jr. Even in the Bible, we read the “Hall of Fame” in Hebrews 11. Maybe you’re considering taking part in a short-term mission. Perhaps you’re asking yourself this question: “Can I really make a difference by spending 9 days a year on outreach?” The answer? No.