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Missionary musings on faith and finances

Finances were, in fact, one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome before ‘taking the plunge’ and living by faith. It wasn’t the idea of living on very little that concerned me – I was fine with that! It was the idea of support raising and the rather large support target that did. 

God brings encouragement in the City of Lights

I've been feeling a little frustrated as a “missionary” in recent months, because I don't have many friends that aren't Christians, as I work in our OM France office in Paris. But we've been trying to think of ways to overcome this issue and be light and salt to our few contacts. Little did I know God had His own plans.

It is already a while ago that our three boys started to ask for a Wii game console. It was a good opportunity for them to learn to save money and think well before they actually buy something. They were coming close to their goal, almost enough for a  second-hand Wii, but who do you buy a second-hand Wii from?