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Forced into creativity

In missions, we often have to be creative, as well, and have to try to make the best out of limited resources. As money is almost always short, we have to find a way to achieve our goals a different way. We have to be creative.

Of hellos and goodbyes

I sometimes wish I could maintain all the relationships I’ve made over the last few years, but that’s not possible in missions. But I also know I would have never met all those awesome people if it weren’t for serving in full-time missions.

Who will we follow?

When deciding if God is calling you into missions, listen to your heart, your motivation, and desires. But most of all, listen to God and what He has to say. In the end, you have to decide whom to follow - Him or those who would seek to make the decision for you.

What men can learn from washing clothes by hand

The following information is important for everybody form a first-world country, especially men! Unlike at home, where your mother or your wife does the washing (I apologise, there are many men doing their own laundry around the world, but still…), you have to do it yourself in Guatemala. Now, you may say: That’s no problem, I know how to use a washing machine. Well, so do I, but that does not help at all in Guatemala.

What people say and what they really mean in Guatemala

The meaning of what people in Guatemala say is often not straightforward. Public opinion is that the truth can be bent at least a little. Though the following points do not apply to all Guatemalans (and most certainly not to us in OM), they are actually used by a large enough percentage to take them seriously (which means to not take them too seriously). Here are ten things that people in Guatemala say - and also what they’re actually saying: