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Diary of an OM woman on assignment

"I try to read some scripture at the airport but the noise and people are a bit too much to concentrate. Will try to do it tomorrow on my layover in Sao Paulo. ...This next two weeks will be intense. My time with God will have to wait until I get to Chile," writes OMer Camila. When she finally does have time with the Lord she wonders "How many days has God been knocking at my door? Has He been shouting my name and I didn’t hear?"

What I know now

"What would I tell that 19-year-old girl boarding her flight to leave home? Tears in her eyes saying goodbye to her family, but unbelievably excited to start an adventure," wondered OMer Jessie. "To be honest, I think if I could have told her all the amazing things that would happen she might not have gotten on that flight. For that 19-year-old girl it would have been too much to know all the beautiful and challenging things God had in store for her."

Mexico: Color and Culture

Many of the stories told about Mexico feature its many problems and struggles. And those discussions are valid and have their place. But it bears remembering that this country also has a long and beautiful cultural heritage we would all be blessed to enjoy. I’m thankful for colorful, beautiful Mexico.

Forced into creativity

In missions, we often have to be creative, as well, and have to try to make the best out of limited resources. As money is almost always short, we have to find a way to achieve our goals a different way. We have to be creative.

Of hellos and goodbyes

I sometimes wish I could maintain all the relationships I’ve made over the last few years, but that’s not possible in missions. But I also know I would have never met all those awesome people if it weren’t for serving in full-time missions.

Transforming our minds in missions

We must accept the responsibility to realise our true potential and the power of our dreams. Life’s busyness cannot blind us to this. Christ’s transformation of our way of thinking is meant to inspire and equip us to be selective of the many demands placed on our daily walk in this life and to replace our preexisting notions of value and culture and service—worldviews,  to those that align with His will.

Who will we follow?

When deciding if God is calling you into missions, listen to your heart, your motivation, and desires. But most of all, listen to God and what He has to say. In the end, you have to decide whom to follow - Him or those who would seek to make the decision for you.

The joy of giving in Costa Rica

Have you ever thought what it would be like to treat Christmas day like any other day of the year? No presents, no stockings or nice dinners. For those of us in the Western world, that can be hard to imagine. In Talamanca, Costa Rica, the nearest mall is a six-hour drive away. Many of the indigenous people who live in this area are too poor to exchange gifts with each other. More importantly, many of them don’t know Jesus as their saviour. OM is hoping to change that.