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The reluctant missionary

"I had no intention of being here in France working with short-term outreaches," remembered OMer Paul. "I grew up in West Africa, the son of a missionary, and returned to England when I was seven years old. Although I had (and still have) great respect for my parents, theirs was not the life I wanted for myself. At the age of 14 I decided I wanted to be a teacher, so that’s what I did. Paul, French teacher extraordinaire! That lasted all of two years before I decided I’d had enough of that!"

God speaks

It’s almost a year ago now that I was reading a book about a missionary. As I was reading, it really struck me that, wow, God can really speak and answer clearly to someone. Quietly, I asked God if He could be that clear in my life, as well. Not that He hadn't been leading us over the years, of course, but I asked Him for something more.

Who will we follow?

When deciding if God is calling you into missions, listen to your heart, your motivation, and desires. But most of all, listen to God and what He has to say. In the end, you have to decide whom to follow - Him or those who would seek to make the decision for you.