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Iraq travelogue

OM writer Nicole James visited Kurdistan, northern Iraq in summer 2015. She spent a week with long-term workers, NGO partners and local pastors, interviewing them and learning about how the events of the last year have impacted their lives.

Stories poured over coffee

OM photographer Garrett shares about chatting with men at an Arabic coffee truck in the Middle East. He thought he went there to document the cultural significance of the truck but quickly discovered the story instead was the men visiting it, including a Syrian refugee named John*.

Listening to refugees

f you’ve even glanced at the news lately, you’ve almost certainly read about the flood of refugees fleeing toward Europe from the conflict in Syria and Iraq. While it may dominate international headlines today, in many countries like Lebanon, the refugee crisis is anything but news. Instead, over the past four years, it’s become a constant reality of daily life. 

Kayaking in the Desert

I live in that zone where I think my life has gotten as crazy as it can get, and then God racks up the crazy to a whole new level. And, as little hobbit Bilbo famously said, sometimes those adventures make me uncomfortable and, yes, occasionally, a little late for dinner. But you know, that's okay. What's life without a little adventure, right? If I'm trying to live the best story I can, that sort of comes with the territory. 

Five things I learned from OM "old-timers"

Recently, I had the chance to attend the OM Middle East North Africa (MENA) Leaders Meetings. Even better, since I was there as an OM MENA Communications Intern and not a leader, I had the opportunity to talk with and interview many of the legends from OM’s past and present work in the MENA area. Their stories were often inspiring, at times terrifying, and always encouraging. While they all deserve to be told, looking back on the week, there are some common elements woven throughout each and all of them that jumped out and made me look at my own life in a new light.

A taste of the Middle East

I came to the Middle East intentionally uninformed, research about the region’s history left untouched, so I could soak in the experience with an open mind. I didn’t know mosques were like the Mediterranean Sea: sparklingly beautiful from a distance. I didn’t know this city within the Middle East consisted of extreme contrasts: a Western exterior with an Eastern heart.