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Not just numbers

“I’ve noticed the format [of reports] many times focuses heavily on the results. How many people did the project impact? What is the difference from last year?” says OMer Ivy. “While it’s important to examine the work, it’s hard to measure the lives of people.”

Switching on the light

"One of the most well-known and often-quoted passages of Scripture came from the mouth of Jesus in Matthew 28 when He said go into all the world and make disciples." said Andrew. "Its context, in our modern-day usage, is evangelism, with an emphasis on going; and yet, for various reasons, we Christ-followers have a hard time on the go.’"

When we lose sight

Sometimes it seems like much of my time is spent with the not-so-great parts of all that needs to get done," said OMer Anja. "Sometimes, or rather all too often, I lose sight. And when I lose sight, I wonder if I am the only one who feels this way. In those times, it is always the best choice to turn to God because He puts everything into perspective. His Word gives new sight because the Bible doesn’t just tell hero stories but portrays real humans, along with all their dirt. 

When the excitement fades

OMer Jessie went from arriving in Chile with nothing, to God providing everything, to feeling like she had been stripped of it all all over again. But even when it was difficult to pray Jessie knew that the Holy Spirit would intercede on her behalf. 

A woman's worth in Central Asia

Girls in the cities in Central Asia have more opportunities these days to become doctors and politicians and important members of society, but traditionally, in this Central Asian culture, boys are valued more highly than girls. As Christians who come from outside this culture, what is our response?

Dance Warrior

OM Arts Incarnate dancer Sarah of Taiwan explains, "During the dance, I will use my body to draw the cross to show that I am a dance warrior with Him. I can fight because Jesus fights with me; He fights for me."

What are we doing here?

Being here on the mission field on the far reaches of the earth, we catch glimpses of the amazing things God is doing. But if we're perfectly honest, most days can be a slog. It’s hard, keep-your-head-down work. There are days that suck our energy and leave us shattered and empty, and we wonder why we're here doing what we're doing in the first place and if we're really making much difference at all.

Being home but not really being home

Many missionaries feel a tension when they return home for a time; they enjoy being in a familiar place with friends and family, but they also see their home in a new, not always positive, way. OMer Beth delves into this tension in her new blog post, about her and her family returning to Africa for a visit, after having served in Central Asia for two years.