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Pub prayers for revival

“Looking around that pub at the various people enjoying their tea, I started really thinking about what he’d said,” Hannah remembers. “Praying for revival…In a country that many have come to learn is spiritually dark, have we given up on praying for the people? Has the belief in revival died, or are we still trusting that God can move in a mighty way?”

How now shall we pray?

Have you noticed that missionaries often say that their greatest need is prayer? Artists on mission are no exception. However, praying for the needs of artist missionaries can be difficult if we don’t know what to pray for. Here are some ways that artist missionaries serving with OM Arts International have asked that you pray for them, and for other artists like them.

Are you interested in helping refugees but aren't sure how? When a crisis is so big, it can feel overwhelming, like there's nothing we can actually do. Yet while you may not be a politician or director of a non-profit organisation - or even be living anywhere that you can volunteer - you can still make a difference.

God brings encouragement in the City of Lights

I've been feeling a little frustrated as a “missionary” in recent months, because I don't have many friends that aren't Christians, as I work in our OM France office in Paris. But we've been trying to think of ways to overcome this issue and be light and salt to our few contacts. Little did I know God had His own plans.

On the topic of prayer

"Lord, I have no idea what is going on right now...but You do. So, yeah, please be with whatever’s happening right now. Amen." That sums up most of my prayers while on outreach to a rural area of Madagascar. When you don't speak the language, it can be hard to understand the situation, especially in moments of high intensity where stopping for interpretation takes away from what is happening. Not knowing what was going on wasn't the problem, though; it was my response to these situations.