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Are you interested in helping refugees but aren't sure how? When a crisis is so big, it can feel overwhelming, like there's nothing we can actually do. Yet while you may not be a politician or director of a non-profit organisation - or even be living anywhere that you can volunteer - you can still make a difference.

How God is like the dentist

I was that kid who always hated going to the dentist. I come from a country with good health care that allowed me to visit the dentist twice a year to clean/check/repair my teeth. Though I hated it, it was a blessing. But what about towns where the dentist is hours away, and you may have to wait weeks for an appointment? What about places where dental hygiene is not taught as a priority? 

Visiting a hospital in Madagascar

The odd assortment of buildings with scraggly grass growing in the dusty red dirt between them did not resemble any of the images the word 'hospital' brought to mind. No arrows pointed potential patients to check-in. No directions were posted to help visitors find their loved ones. It was a far cry from the thoughtfully laid out hospitals (complete with plenty of signage) I had been to in North America. But this wasn't North America. This was Ambovombe, the capital of the Androy region in Madagascar.