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The same beautiful threads

“Listening to their testimonies, I’ve begun to envision their stories as a collection of clues, a series of scenes revealing the fingerprints of something—or Someone—beyond our deepest imagination,” says Chris. “The people I talked with hail from a variety of backgrounds—atheist German to Cambodian Buddhist—but the tapestries of their lives reveal the same beautiful threads, pointing unmistakably to a Designer.”

'Exactly where God wants me to be'

“There are times when I have deeply missed my family and friends, now literally a world away, times when I feel inadequate, times when it just seems all a little too much,” says Chris. “But I know that this is part of how God is writing my own story, leading me ever closer to his heart.”

We are not a travel agency

“…to many host ministries, short-term outreaches can be a blessing or a curse,” shares OMer Ivy. “Here I would like to share some tips that help me feel less like a tour guide and more like I’m helping facilitate an exposure trip for the Kingdom.”

Mexico: Color and Culture

Many of the stories told about Mexico feature its many problems and struggles. And those discussions are valid and have their place. But it bears remembering that this country also has a long and beautiful cultural heritage we would all be blessed to enjoy. I’m thankful for colorful, beautiful Mexico.

Who will we follow?

When deciding if God is calling you into missions, listen to your heart, your motivation, and desires. But most of all, listen to God and what He has to say. In the end, you have to decide whom to follow - Him or those who would seek to make the decision for you.

We are surrounded by models of “great” individuals who made a difference on society; Isaac Watts, the Wright brothers, Einstein, John Newton, Martin Luther King Jr. Even in the Bible, we read the “Hall of Fame” in Hebrews 11. Maybe you’re considering taking part in a short-term mission. Perhaps you’re asking yourself this question: “Can I really make a difference by spending 9 days a year on outreach?” The answer? No.

A taste of the Middle East

I came to the Middle East intentionally uninformed, research about the region’s history left untouched, so I could soak in the experience with an open mind. I didn’t know mosques were like the Mediterranean Sea: sparklingly beautiful from a distance. I didn’t know this city within the Middle East consisted of extreme contrasts: a Western exterior with an Eastern heart.