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Being thankful

"A new year. A time to look back and a time to look ahead. Of course there are lots of memories from this past year. And when I sit down and think, even more come. Memories that make me smile and memories that hurt and make me sad," shared OMer Loïs. "As I go over this year, I feel it has been hard in different ways. I can honestly say that it has been one of the hardest years of being on the field."

Learning to be thankful

For yet another year, I will take up the challenge of thanking Him for the things I have, living a life that forgets the could-haves. Maybe this year, thankfulness will settle a bit deeper into my heart, and I will remember for a minute longer each day.

Learning to be thankful on the mission field

They call it the “six month low” on the cultural adaptation cycle, that time after being in a country for about six months, when the culture and the city is not as new and exciting as it was when you first arrived. When things that at first seemed fascinating are now just plain annoying and there are days when getting out of bed to engage with the world is just too much effort. But as the Veggie Tales song reminds us, ”a thankful heart is a happy heart,” and when I can find little things to be thankful for, I really do have a happier heart. With little bits of thankfulness, I can get through the day.